Welcome to the Family of St. Lawrence O'Toole!


"Rejoice and be glad; for your reward will be great in heaven." (Matthew 5:12A)


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Parish Mission Statement:
          St. Lawrence O’Toole is a faith-filled Roman Catholic parish, united by the Body of Christ through the Eucharistic feast, the source and summit of our Christian faith.  Our purpose is to build God’s kingdom by acting as a living witness to the Gospel, sharing in Christ’s mission to evangelize and serve both our parish community and the world around us.

Parish Vision Statement:
          We strive to bring people to holiness by actively nurturing their spiritual lives and creating opportunities for individuals to encounter the living Christ by:
     - Fostering a rich sacramental life that imparts divine        grace and helps us grow in virtue
     - Entering into God’s presence as a community                through the holy sacrifice of the Mass prayer and            devotion
     - Providing for spiritual formation and religious                education at all stages of growth and development
     - Imitating Christ’s self-gift of the cross by giving our         time, talent and treasure in the service of His                 mission and our parish community 

          We aim to build a community of saints, filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, where a
ll are welcome and actively work to love, support and serve one another.

We are Catholic
We are Eucharistic
We Evangelize, Steward and Serve

We Understand and Live our Faith
We Strive to be Holy
We are a Community of Faith and Love
We ARE the Family of St. Lawrence O’Toole


          On June 15, 1959, Rev. William R. Doran was named Pastor of the new Church to be built in Matteson. Ground breaking for the Church and eight classrooms was held on August 28, 1960.  While the Church was being built, Masses were held at Tolentine College. An Assistant, Rev. R. Peter Bowman, was assigned in July, 1961.  Masses began in the new Church on August 20, 1961, and the School opened that September with Grades 1-4.
          The Parish flourished in the years that followed, growing in size, diversity and devotion. The Archdiocese extended our Staff to include a third Priest in June, 1985.  That same month, the Dominican Sisters who had served in the Parish School since it opened in 1961 were withdrawn by their Community. With dwindling numbers in their order, they felt that O'Toole School could survive without them better than some other Parishes they served.  The Archdiocese downsized the Staff back to two Priests again in 1992 as the impact of the Priest shortage was felt.
          The Fall of 1992 saw the ground breaking for the Rev. Richard D. Sullivan Parish Center - a badly needed facility to house four additional classrooms, meeting rooms and a gymnasium/hall.  The Center, named in memory of the late Fr. Sullivan who did so much for St. Lawrence O'Toole, was deditcated in November 1993, and is a hub of Parish and Community activity.

Priests who have served at St. Lawrence O'Toole include:
REV. WILLIAM R. DORAN, PASTOR - June 1959 to March 1971
REV. R. PETER BOWMAN - July 1961 to May 1966
REV. E.R. REILLY - May 1966 to August 1970
REV. RICHARD D. SULLIVAN, PASTOR - March 1971 to May 1988
REV. EDWARD HARNETT - April 1971 to September 1974
REV. THOMAS H. SLOAN - September 1974 to June 1980
REV. EDWARD J. CRONIN - June 1980 to June 1986
REV. ALBERT PIZZA - June 1984 to August 1984
REV. DANIEL JANKOWSKI - October 1984 to March 1985
REV. PAUL G. SEAMAN - June 1985 to March 1992
REV. RAYMOND DEVEREAUX - June 1986 to August 1987
REV. JAMES P. FINNO, PASTOR - May 1988 to December 1999
REV. JOSEPH P. ALLEN - May 1991 to June 1996
REV. DANILO C. SORIANO - July 1996 to December 1997
REV. ANDREW J. SANTOS III - June 1997 to June 2000
REV. MICHAEL A. NACIUS, PASTOR - December 1999 to September 2008
REV. JOSEPH T. COOK - October 2000 to June 2007
REV. MICHAEL J. NOVICK, PASTOR - September 2008 to Present